giantsound X3-6P

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The giantsound X3-6P – The New Droid.

X3-6P is machined out of solid aluminium specifically for the PSC 6-Pack. The friction hinges have been chosen to have more resistance as you push the 6-Pack away from the X3 than when you pull it back. With a little ingenuity it can be integrated with the Aaton bag to make a very neat bag set-up.

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X3-6P is a small mechanical droid that attaches a PSC 6-Pack to the Aaton Cantar X3. It is a solid mount picking up on the 3/8″ X3 fixings and uses the existing screws on the back of the 6-Pack. Friction hinges allow the the 6-Pack to hinge away from the X3 so you can access the input sockets. It can be used either on the cart or as part of your bag rig. When used as a bag rig it allows the weight of the 6-Pack to be supported by the X3 itself. As the strap is connected directly to the X3, the bag is then more of a protective cover holding the smaller accessories rather than taking the whole weight of the bag rig.


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